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The main application, Study Advantage Server (SAS) is written in C# and runs on the ASP.NET platform under Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). Study Advantage may be used on a stand-alone machine, within a local area network (LAN), over an Intranet or over the Internet. With an eye for security, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption is supported.

The data acquisition application, Acquire Data (AcqD), communicates with SAS via XML Web Services asynchronously for optimal performance. Study Advantage supports any number of PCs in the lab acquiring data simultaneously. Instruments which AcqD supports include electronic calipers, electronic balance, imaging devices as well as USB foot pedals for hands-free operation. Data from the lab instruments is stored locally on the lab PCs in an Access database. At the click of a button, data is transferred from AcqD to SAS for storage in a central database.

Study Advantage is scalable. By this I mean that by merely making some minor configuration changes and adding hardware, Study Advantage can go from supporting one or two users on a single machine to accommodating dozens of users using multiple machines.

As an example of a minimal configuration, one may load SAS, AcqD and SQL Server or Oracle all on the same Windows 7 or 10 Pro machine, attach the lab instruments to this machine, and have a complete setup for one user. On the other hand, in order to support the most users, one would load SAS on multiple machines, all communicating with a single backend machine running SQL Server or Oracle, with a large number of workstations in the lab(s) all communicating over a LAN/Internet. These changes require no code modifications but merely redeployment and configuration updates. Somewhere in the middle one might load SAS and Oracle on a single machine with multiple machines in the labs running AcqD.

If you require more in-depth information or would like us to explain how we will seamlessly integrate Study Advantage into you existing infrastructure, please contact us.

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