Frequently asked questions

about our in vivo offering

Q. Who is using Study Advantage?
A. Many leading research organizations are using Study Advantage including pharmaceutical firms, biotechs, universities and other institutions. References are available on request.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. We have a version and price schedule to meet every need. If you are a small organization, then you may wish to start with a single user license. Bigger organizations will find a site license cost effective. Special discounts are available. Please contact us for details

Q. What type of studies does Study Advantage address?
A. Study Advantage handles almost any type of study, including tumor, cardiac, and diabetes.

Q. Our studies are very specialized. Will you customize the software to fit the way we work?
A. Our software architecture is flexible and easily customized to meet specific needs.

Q. Our study data is very sensitive. Where is this data stored?
A. Your data is stored on a server computer within your own organization. Only users you authorize have access to your data.

Q. How many simultaneous users can Study Advantage handle? How many studies can we work on at one time? How many users per study are allowed?
A. The number of users, studies and users per study are practically unlimited. Multiple scientists may collaborate on a particular study.