Why Study Advantage is browser based

What does "Browser-based" mean?
Browser-based means that there is no special software to install on your desktop. If you have access to Internet Explorer you can securely access your animal study information. You can also share that information with others, at your discretion, as well as monitor the progress of your study in the lab as it happens.

What are the advantages of Browser-based software?
You can work from any computer that has Internet Explorer or other web browsers installed. No special software is required.

Study information is readily and securely shareable. Collaboration and sharing with other scientists is facilitated.

Minimal or no support from IT staff is needed.

Results from the lab are immediately available.

If software upgrades are required, they are performed on only one computer in your organization. Everyone enjoys the upgrade without the need to go desktop to desktop.

A virtually unlimited number of simultaneous users are supported.

Is my data secure?
Yes, because your data resides on a computer within your own organization, and is securely shared at your discretion. You may use Study Advantage over any network including your organization’s internal LAN, Intranet or the Internet. It may also be used as a standalone product on a single machine.