What Study Advantage can do for you

In the design of studies

Study Advantage helps you design studies, and leverage your designs by allowing you to rapidly apply your work to subsequent studies. You can randomize your animals into protocol groups at the click of a button according to the parameters of your choosing. A test article administration schedule is automatically generated.

Data collection in the lab

Study Advantage interfaces with a wide variety of instruments such as electronic balances, chip readers, calipers and imaging devices. The software supports foot pedals for hands-free data collection. DICOM and other image formats are supported. Accuracy is assured both during data collection and when entered in the central database because no transcription is required. One click copies your data from the lab to the desktop.

Conducting your studies

The study director can monitor progress in the lab as it happens. Errors can be avoided that might otherwise jeopardize the study. Graphs of study data are updated as new data comes in.

Organization, accessibility, collaboration, control

Study Advantage keeps all study information well organized in a central database. You determine who gets access to your study. If you desire you can share your results, get assistance with your design, and utilize laboratory resources to keep your study moving. You have immediate access to your study information, no matter when your study took place.

Analysis of results

Instantly graph your results, perform statistical analyses and generate reports. You may also export your results in a variety of formats. Download your information into Excel and other favorite analysis tools.