About us

Tumor Tracker, LLC - A record of service

Based in Philadelphia, we got our start in the pharmaceutical industry in 1983, and have been involved in many projects with major companies such as Merck, Johnson and Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, Wyeth, AstraZeneca and others. In 2003 one of our clients, Cephalon, a large bio-tech firm near Philadelphia, began investigating the choices of study software. They found they needed more flexibility, more scalability and better usability than  the existing products offered, at a more reasonable price. We worked closely with their oncology and research informatics departments to produce a better solution. In 2004 we did just that, and began marketing under the current name to focus our efforts on scientific studies. The results of those efforts are the Study Advantage.

The principals

Sam Balderman, M.D. Sam is a researcher on a wide variety of medical topics. He is our scientific advisor.
Cliff Falk, J.D. Cliff started out as a software developer in the aerospace industry, before attending law school. He is our business manager.
Steve Goodman, M.S.Steve is a longtime software developer for the pharmeceutical industry. He is our database guru.
Dan Falk, M.A. Dan has a strong background in Web-based applications, device interfaces, and data communications. He is our software architect.
Ross Donolow, M.S. Ross is a software developer who now focuses on sales and marketing.